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Acknowledge Your Emotions

Alchemize Your Trauma

Awaken to Your True Self




You Deserve

Unconditional Self-Love

If you struggle with perfectionism, procrastination, or paralysis, EFT and Inner Child Reparenting can get you to a place of healthy emotional regulation so you can embrace your Perfect Imperfections.

You Deserve

Authentic Joy

If you struggle with people pleasing, EFT and Shadow Integration can get you to a place of healthy emotional responsibility so you can trust your own intuition and live as a

Sovereign Being

You Deserve

Inner Peace

If you struggle with codependence, EFT and Ancestral Trauma Release can get you to a place of healthy emotional resilience so you can live a life of interdependence, knowing that You are One with All

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If you are:
curious about
"Doing the Work" of
healing and thriving
then you're in the right place. 


EFT has been proven to lower your stress hormones, 

allowing you to feel safe in your body 

as we work to reprogram your operating system and 

change your relationship to your emotions.

Come see what's possible for you when you remove the rocks from your stream and tap into the flow of clarity, self-worth, and abundance. 

In other words, you finally have a real opportunity for transformation!

Image by Oliver Paaske

How I Approach this Work

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Screenshot (81).png

When we inherit dysfunctional ideas, they can become blocks in our subconscious minds, like rocks impeding the flow of our streams, preventing us from manifesting the lives we desire. This explains why you might feel stuck in a rut when attempting to up-level your life. Through this work, we can finally and permanently retrain our subconscious minds to align with our conscious desires.

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I’m here to help you see those subconscious blocks clearly, accept them fully, and integrate them lovingly. Together, we can remove the rocks from your stream. I believe strongly in the power of humans to tap into their own healing through EFT, and I’m honored to create a safe space for you to explore your present and past with the goal of feeling more empowered to create the future you deserve.

Where To Find Me

Amanda Wonderland
Tel: 512-348-8362


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